Maize South Counselor Brings Home 2021 Counselor of the Year Award

Counselor Lyndsey Brown has been named the 2021 Kansas Counselor of the Year and is the first USD 266 counselor to win the prestigious annual award.


Graphic by Seamless Productions

Counselor Lyndsey Brown shoots her role in the “Welcome to Maize South” promotional video created by OneMa1ze Broadcasting students to welcome new and all students to the administration and counseling team at MSHS. The video is set to release later in February for all Maverick students during enrollment time for 2021-2022 classes.

Piper Pinnetti, Bullseye Editor-in-Chief

During the toughest academic year in recent memory, Maize South High counselor Lyndsey Brown was surprised with the title of “Counselor of the Year” from the Kansas School Counseling Association this past Wednesday.

Co-counselors at Maize South nominated Brown and set up the afternoon surprise. The award was given to Brown in what was called a “staff meeting for enrollment” over a Zoom call where her family presented it to her.

With COVID-19, counselors have faced a larger workload between frequent schedule changes and an increase of worry in our student body and staff. 

This year has been a tough one for me, both personally and in my professional life,” said Brown, “The messages, emails, and texts I received from staff and students really raised my spirits. It definitely meant a lot to receive this award this year.”

Within the past 48 hours, friends and family have congratulated the counselor on her achievement through social media, texts and in person. Maize South English teacher and close friend, Robyn Jaso, acknowledges the hard work Brown has put into her job and to the students around her.    

Mrs. Brown won the award because she is one of the most empathic people I know and truly cares about her students. She has also implemented some wonderful services here at MSHS to help our students like the Maslow’s room and small group meetings.”

As a counselor, Brown provides advice for students to help them with their high school career and post-high school plans. Brown’s guidance helped senior Brittany Smith choose her plans after a high school as being an exotic animal veterinarian.

“Mrs. Brown has helped me figure out my career path as well as guide me in the right direction,” Smith said, “She never fails to help me pick classes that will benefit me in the future and she makes it super easy to ask her for help if needed.”