Q&A with Assistant Coach Joni Baker of the Maize South Bowling Team

Maize South bowling prepares and trains during the month of December to kickoff their official first practice on Monday, January 4 at West Acres Bowling Center.


Photo by Ty Trice

The 2020-20201 Maize South bowling team returns several key players, but none of their bowlers from last year were able to place in the Top 20 at the 5A state tournament last March.

Shiah McLain, Bullseye Photo Editor

Several members of the 2019-2020 Maize South bowling team congratulate the other bowlers who placed in the triangular tournament against Campus and Derby High School at Derby Lanes on Monday, February 3 in Derby.

Q: How do you feel about bowling season this year?

A: It’s different for sure as far wearing masks and social distancing and won’t be able to give high fives,  but I would say that the 3 years and I’ve been the coach here, this is our best year and that I’ve seen our kids are ready to bowl. They’ve been practicing both boys and girls also I’m so excited for this season.

Q: What’s going to be different with games and practices?

A: I would say its going to be the spacing and making sure that we have parents and grandparents be able to watch their kids play. I think its very important to have that support and motivation.

Q: What has changed from last season?

A: Going to have to sanitize a lot and everyone will have to wear a mask also will have limit spectators which will be very different because this place is mostly jammed packed.

Q: What’s your goal for the team this year?

A: Our most important goal is to improve and get better and better every game. Improve our skill to get spares and to adjust the lanes properly. We have a great set of kids this year and I see a lot of talent, drive so like I said earlier we are really looking forward to this season. Ready to see what we can do.

Q: How is your team feeling about this year?

A: Not only is there high talent and potential, there is also a team bond that I haven’t seen or has been as close in three years; both boys team and girls team have great teamwork together and we are ready.