Subtle Presents in the Middle of a Pandemic

Wichita families still find hope in holiday pandemic, forcing them to celebrate the holiday season in different ways this year.


Photo by Ash Canter

“We have advent calendars and we open one every night until Christmas, on Christmas Adam we sleep under the Christmas tree. Some nights we we read Christmas stories other nights we watch Christmas movies. On Christmas Eve we open presents for our grandparents, and on Christmas we open the rest of the presents,” freshman Carley Bell said.

Ash Canter, Bullseye Reporter

Many people across the globe celebrate Christmas, however this year may look different for everyone. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holiday season is changing. The creativity of parents and families is being tested this year because of COVID-19 on how to make Christmas just as joyful as last year.

Many people have been forced to shop online to stay safe and distant. Becoming more distant during the holidays can be rough especially for the people who need their families. Freshman Carley Bell has been staying excited for the holidays by setting up for Christmas early.

These Pine trees, located at Praire Pines near Maize South north of 37th and Tyler Road, sports plenty of Christmas trees to take home over the holiday season. The Bell family visits Prairie Pines each winter due to their great customer service and festive feel. (Photo by Ash Canter)

“We have put up Christmas decorations over the span of the week instead of doing it all at once,” said Bell.

Staying safe while being joyful and wanting to spend time with family and friends is probably the most important thing right now. The Bell family is staying safe by not having any family over and always wearing masks.

“Not really because of rona, but when they do come over they stay away from us 6 feet and we wear masks,” said Bell.

The winter season can be rough for some families but always having cheer and creativity is very important. Shopping more recently can be very stressful but even more so for Julie Wilks.

“A little difficult, Amazon and online shopping makes it easier,” said Wilks

Staying safe is very important and very necessary when going places, so the Wilks family is staying quarantined the best they can. They do this by online shopping and always ordering food at home.

“Staying at home, ordering food at home and not going into restaurants, doing online shopping,” said Wilks.

The future is uncertain, but we can be hopeful about it’s outcome and what it will be like. Mothering, dealing with your job, and worrying about the holiday season is no easy task, but for Wilks she keeps it together by sticking with traditions.

“Sticking with traditions and keeping things as normal as possible,” said Wilks.