Planetary Valentine’s greetings posted


Caroline Howard, 9, made a valentine in Mark Kane’s Freshmen General science class. She wrote to Mars from Earth’s perspective. Photo by C.Butcer

by Whitney Steele

Students in Mark Kane’s Freshmen General Science class got into the holiday spirit by writing Valentines greetings for the planets.

The students wrote from the perspective as a planet and had to write Valentines to three other planets of their choosing.

“The Valentines have to include three facts about the planets you are writing to,” Amanda Jacobs, 9, said. ”You also have to include a similarity between your planet and the one that you are writing to.”

Feb. 14 was the first day that the students were allowed to work on this project. Kane believed that it would be a great way to have fun with Valentine’s Day and allowed students to learn about the planets.

“(This will be a learning experience because) the students have to write facts about the planets in their valentines,” Kane said.

The Valentine’s will not be sent in the traditional way to the planets.

“We’re going to be hanging them up on the wall after we finish them,” Jacobs said.