Repaying Earth

Can’t we just celebrate our Earth each day instead of a specific day or week of the year?


Photo by Maize South journalism

Swanson Park, a one mile loop trail that was established in 1975, features a heavily-wooded area with bridges, wild animals and fresh vegetation.

Piper Pinnetti, Bullseye Editor-in-Chief

For most, April 22 is the one day a year people celebrate the Earth, but how should we thank the most present thing in our life? 

Let’s make Earth Day into Earth Week. Our precious and gigantic rock deserves more than a day to be celebrated, it was here before us!

Over billions of years, it has said hello and goodbye to thousands of organisms, such as the dinosaurs, after Earth was hit by a massive celestial body.

Earth has come so far in its journey, why only give it 24 hours of celebration when it offers thousands of possibilities? We at the Bullseye suggest four ideas to give back to the blue planet you call home.

1. Hunt down Earth saving charities.

For decades, humans have destroyed earth and hurting Mother Nature with the increasing use of fossil fuels, littering around the world, and chemical dumping into the seas. If you find yourself stuck at home, or just too lazy to get off your couch during Earth Day, search the internet for the best charities that contribute to rain forest recovery, ocean clean up, animal conservation, etc.

2. Be a gardener for a day, or two, or permanently!

Trees and other plants give us oxygen, which is fairly important to our and animal survival. Deforestation contributes to the increase of greenhouse gases every year and destroys the homes of animals; however, contributing to nature by planting flowers, trees, grass, etc. This is a fantastic way to help organisms all around our Earth. 

Consider these simple steps to help the recycle with your individual efforts. Graphic by Piper Pinnetti

3. Start recycling.

Get one of those blue bins with three arrows in it and learn what you can and cannot recycle. At the end of terms, it is a great idea to recycle old assignments. Chick-Fil-A boxes and cups are recyclable as well as Chipotle’s to-go bowls. Old plastic straws are difficult when it comes to nature and our animals, so try to cut them into smaller bits when possible to protect the creatures around us.

4. Pick up trash around your community.

Along north Maize road, you can find plenty of trash gathering along the sides of the busy road, fast food cups, garbage, blown away plastic bags and much more. Plenty of careless humans throw their gum wrappers out the car window or throw things over their boat in nearby lakes. “Out of sight, out of mind” is actually quite harmful to nature, turning animal homes into your own personal trash can.