A Change of Scenery


Photo by Tyler Trice

2nd Block drama students in Fundamentals of Drama practice a routine during a late October class run through. Drama students are meeting weekly with Ms. Heinrich online through Google Meetings for Term 4. Their senior-directed plays have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Tyler Trice, Bullseye Web Editor

We all know that adjusting to the new environment thrust upon us during this ‘pandemic’ of sorts is stressful on everyone involved. As we delve further into this year, we see more and more difficulties spring up along the way, making it hard sometimes to cope with our seemingly ever changing schedules.

From teachers adapting to teaching in a new way, to students learning differently from how they have their entire lives.

Photo By Tyler Trice
Senior Jadyn Wallace assembles a sandwich for an upcoming event at the Maize Career Academy along with her classmates. The group prepared a lunch as area administrators visited the facility.

Not everyone is as affected by this as others, but some recurring problems shared between students are clear. Sophomore Robert Timmons tries his best to keep track of his new workload and stay on top of incoming assignments.

“Keeping track of all of the emails is really frustrating because of the amount of things that get sent out from google classroom and your teachers,” Said Timmons, “It’s like you wake up with 30 more emails than you had the night before some days.”

Many students have concerns about the end of this semester, whether it be graduating or keeping up their grades, but everyone will be affected in a different way. Taben Armstrong, sophomore, hasn’t had many difficulties since the new semester started, but some stand out to him more than others.

“I’ve really only had problems with getting motivated to get up and actually do the work,” Said sophomore Taben Armstrong, “Other than that nothing has really been that difficult to work with so far.”
Motivation is an important asset during this time of uncertainty, because when it all comes down to it you are the only person that can decide how seriously you take your education.