Coronavirus Outbreak Forces State’s Hand in Closures of Schools and Work


Photo courtesy of News Break

A key role for social distancing in public is to reduce the total amount of coronavirus patient and keep hospitals, such as Wesley Hospital pictured above, from being filled over their capacity with those infected.

Ben Anderson, Bullseye Reporter

Originally published in the Bullseye Issue 2 newsmagazine

According to the most recent Sedgwick County reports, there are currently seven cases within Sedgwick County, 98 cases statewide, and three deaths due to the coronavirus outbreak. No deaths have been confirmed in Wichita at this time.

Governor Laura Kelly made the decision last Wednesday, March 18 to close the Kansas school system, enforce social distancing and reduce the overall spread of the coronavirus. Kansas was the first state in the country to outright close all schools statewide for the remainder of the school year.

Sedgwick County has also enlisted a “stay at home” order effective this week. Furthermore, all restaurants are offering delivery services only. Retail stores, grocery stores and essential service businesses will stay open during the pandemic. President Trump reportedly hopes to open the country back up by the
Easter holiday.