King Pin

In only his second season on the Maize South bowling team, Colby Beilman hopes to push Maize South in a program-winning direction.


Courtesy of Browning Peeples-Maize South yearbook staff

Sophomore Colby Beilman throws the ball down the lane looking to pick up a spare. This is his first year on the varsity bowling team.

Tyler Trice, Bullseye Web Editor

For sophomore Colby Beilman, the success of the Maize South bowling team sits above his own recognition.

Making varsity on the bowling team in only his second year in high school, Beilman has been on the team since his freshman year, and is actively working to be a useful part of the collective team.

Being the first in his family to bowl competitively, Beilman carries high expectations for himself and his peers for the 2020 bowling season.

He wants to make his teammates and friends proud.

Courtesy of Browning Peeples-Maize South yearbook
The Maize South bowling team meets with Coach Tyler Kemp to discuss the outcome of the tournament on Friday, January 17.

“It means a lot to me… I’ve always wanted to compete for the school rather than by myself,” said Beilman, “I’ve been doing pretty good lately and it’s nice to bring that talent to the next level here at a Maize South.”

Maize South High has a wide variety of sports and clubs ranging from football to Esports, but for Beilman, bowling was the only way to go.

“I started bowling around three years ago,” said Beilman. “I joined the team because I enjoy bowling and I’ve always wanted to bowl for the school.”

Having a deep-seated passion for the sport, Beilman has been working diligently to take the bowling team to the state-level during his second year.

“I hope to make it to state either as an individual or as a team.” said Beilman.