Fashion Blast from the Past

Many fashion trends of the past decade are making a huge comeback moving into the 2020 year.

Ty Rains and Lexi Cole

Today, you’ll see many people in the halls wearing Scrunchies, Birkenstocks, Crocs, and many other trendy items. Most of these current fashion trends have actually been around since as far back as the 80’s.

Freshman Sophie Sanders decides to wear her favorite fashion trend, Vans, every day to school. She enjoys skateboarding in her Vans and how she can get cool shoes for a cheap price that are comfortable enough for school but tough enough to skateboard in.

“My favorite trend is definitely Vans, because they look cool and they are great for skateboarding,” said Sanders. “They just kind of look good with anything, and they’re relatively cheap. Only like 50 bucks, and that’s pretty cheap for shoes.”

Some of the fashion trends come from shops that are made for focusing on a specific type fashion called boutiques. Sydney Harris, junior, likes to purchase a majority of her clothing from boutiques and enjoys getting praise on her outfits.

“I shop at boutiques a lot. I enjoy wearing bright colors, so I usually go to some boutiques to get them,” Harris said. “My friends always comment on my pants because they are usually bright and have many different colors, even in the winter.”


Photo by Lexi Cole
Freshman Landon Tibbits wears a “Vibes” sweatshirt.


Sydney Endicott, freshman, is also one of the many girls into Vans shoes. She and several of her friends like to rock Vans because of their slip-on style and how nice they look. d

“I like to wear vans, and I have like four pairs. They are all slip ons, and I like that style,” Endicott said. “My friends are all into vans too so we all wear them.”

Junior Jack Byrne doesn’t have a specific preference in fashion like most teenage boys. One trend that you can catch on a daily basis is sweatshirts and quarter-zip jackets. Byrne likes his sweatshirts because of how comfy and warm they are. 

“I don’t really do fashion, but I guess that I like sweatshirts because they’re comfy and great winter clothes,” said Byrne. “ Sweatshirts are definitely in right now, so I guess they could be considered a trend. I guess that sweatshirts are my favorite if I had to pick one.”