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The Search for Acceptance
The Search for Acceptance
Cevin Montgomery, Bullseye Reporter • April 28, 2021

From left to right, Hunter Niemann, Keith Niemann, and Braden Niemann for a photo while in their firefighting gear. "When I was promoted to LT they came up as toddlers, they were playing on the hosebed of my engine when a first due house fire came out so we had to quickly heard them off the hosebed so we could get to the fire," Keith Niemann said. "Now that they are older they can come ride out and take part in training, it’s cool sharing the fun aspects of the job with them."
A (Fire)truck Load of Good Memories
Piper Pinnetti, Editor-In-Chief • April 21, 2021

From playing varsity football to lugging over forty pounds of firefighting gear and learning...

Robotics student Keaton Stwalley (10) shows Lindsay King his work during a 1st Block class as he codes a robot to run more autonomously on Monday, April 19. Robotics is just one of the hands on classes at the MCA that King strives to make more available for students of both Maize High and Maize South.
Advocating For Career Opportunities
Bridget Johnson, Bullseye Reporter • April 20, 2021

A childhood in California. A leap to the Air Force Academy in Colorado. A two year stay...

Kallen Scott (8) starts the obstacle off strong swinging and preparing to grab onto the following rope. Only a few students were able to make it across this obstacle due to the upper body strength it requires and runner
Gallery-Maize South Middle School Bull Rush-21 May 2021
Bridget Johnson, Bullseye Photographer • May 26, 2021

Season 2-The OneMa1ze Show Reviewed
Season 2-The OneMa1ze Show Reviewed
Cevin Montgomery, Lakin Zamorano, and Alexis Baty May 26, 2021

Senior Kiara Colbert laughs as she talks to her friends and enjoys her time at prom. Colbert wore a dark blue dress with her hair in a high ponytail and matching heels and jewelry.
Gallery-MSHS Prom and After Prom-May 15, 2021
Bridget Johnson, Bullseye Photographer • May 20, 2021

The OneMa1ze Show-Episode 10 of Season 2
May 20, 2021

While three of the winners were on sight for the announcement, junior Kevin Truong was attending a wedding and Zoomed in on the big screen to receive his award.
The Stars of the Night-Prom 2021 Royalty Winners
Alexis Baty, Bullseye Designer • May 18, 2021

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